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Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips 3.0

Edit: I spoke to a manager on this and was able to find that my capacitor was in fact in specification per my copy of the checklist and have modified my review to reflect this. If it did look as crusty and swollen as it is now two months ago, a heads up ...would have been appreciated, and probably would have paid for them to do it if they could have done so same-day with a reasonably marked up part. I had a tune-up two months ago for my AC and furnace. Service went well, however they immediately tried to sell me a new unit because it was 'approaching it's expected lifetime' at 15 years. Otherwise, if I wanted to invest in the unit, I was quoted 280 bucks for a 50 dollar contactor plus a kick start for 300 more (also a 30 dollar part) as preventative maintenance. I knew this is the way the industry is moving (all about the sale) and politely passed. Two days ago, my unit stopped producing cool air. The capacitor to start the unit failed. Since their 6 month warranty only credits me for the amount I had already spent, I decided not to take my chance on the additional service charges and upcharged part and replaced it myself for 20 bucks in the same amount of time.Read More...

Chandler Miller
Chandler Miller 1.0

This company was based in Middlebury for many years and that is where we called for service. We purchased a new AC unit from this company for thousands of dollars in May of 2019. Their installers did the installation incorrectly and their service ...manager did not tell me when he came to do a performance check on 08/26/2021. Instead, he charged me $205.75 for this performance check and showed me his report where he said the unit was not operating properly with some test readings he was getting. I was told later by the final Crystal Valley installer that fixed the incorrect installation that this same service manager trains the AC installers. The service manager trained this installer. The service manager should have caught the error at the first service check on 08/26/2021. There is no excuse except he was more interested in the fee than correcting the issue. Another HVAC vendor found the error in the summer 2022 and Crystal Valley Comfort had to do the installation over more than two years after the new unit was purchased. The HVAC vendor we have now is honest and trustworthy. Their service techs are NOT salespeople. Personally, I do not trust Crystal Valley Comfort for anything anymore. We did business with Crystal Valley Comfort since 2005 when we purchased a new furnace, but this company's behavior over time chased us away. Service techs there are salespeople. They are in it to make a commission. Their service techs often suggested parts for the furnace that time proved were not needed. We were always warned at each service call that this part or that part was near failure and needed replacing. I lost count of how many times they had to return to replace defective igniters for the furnace. Crystal Valley owes me a refund for the 08/26/2021 service call as explained above. I tried to talk with the lady General Manager there in July of 2022. She refused to talk with me about it and continued to interrupt me. What is more disturbing is they sent us a sales advertisement via email to buy a new AC or to tune up our existing one on 07/28/2023. They must be crazy to ever think we would trust them ever again.Read More...

John Nafziger
John Nafziger 5.0
Dan Murphey
Dan Murphey 5.0
Kenton Hostetler
Kenton Hostetler 5.0

Great communication and shared options that I appreciated.

Kimberly Stevens
Kimberly Stevens 5.0

Service tech was very polite and helpful

Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 5.0
Brenda Kaufman
Brenda Kaufman 5.0
Jamin Hochstetler
Jamin Hochstetler 5.0

Sam was great at inspecting my AC system and walking me through the issues I was having. He was very friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable.

Shirley Souder
Shirley Souder 5.0

Technician followed-up with unresolved issue from 2022 and I got a response within an hour of this service call.

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